Friday, March 10, 2006

Rock Star?

If you missed today's Wake Forest vs. NC State quarterfinal, you missed a first for humanity. I'll cut straight to the videotape:

[Scene: First half, Wake up big. Justin Gray grabs a rebound, and pushes the ball upcourt to stage left.]

-Mike Patrick: 'Justin Gray is as tough as a bag of rocks.'

-Dick Vitale [in typically animated tone]: 'Bag of rocks? What the heck is a bag of rocks?'

[At stage right, the mountains crumble, pigs fly, and Casey knocks a single into left field, thus insuring that the Mudville nine will go to extra innings.]

To my knowlege, this is the first time that Dick Vitale has ever criticized the use of cliché in any setting. Even though Mike Patrick's comment was quite possible the most obscure, least sensical thing heard on ESPN in decades, the fact that Vitale didn't immediately roll with the cliché and name Gray to his 'All-Flinstones' team is a amazing. This is a truly great day for sports fans everywhere.

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