Saturday, September 16, 2006

That's Senators Baseball

Two great finds by District of Baseball today:

Check out this headline from the CBS affiliate in Green Bay.

❡And Ken Wright of The Washington Times, after watching a mediocre performance from Brewers pitcher Tomo Okha, says:

The Nationals traded Ohka to the Brewers last season in exchange for second baseman Junior Spivey, who played a little more than a month for Washington before he broke his right forearm in a freak batting cage accident at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park. The Nationals opted not to re-sign Spivey after last season and he spent all of this season in the minors at Class AAA Memphis, a St. Louis Cardinals affiliate.

So the jury's still out on which team received the better end of the trade.
Hold up there, Ken. Tomo Okha went 7-6 last year with a 4.23 ERA after being traded to the Brewers. Meanwhile, Junior Spivey had 77 ABs with the Nationals. He hit .221/.330/.390 with 2 home runs, 7 RBIs and 26 strikeouts. He played in only 28 games.

And if I remember correctly, the Nationals had so few pitchers last year that Hector Carrasco had to come out of the pen to start games. Ryan Drese became a starter. Livo kept pitching through knee injuries. Frank Robinson said over and over again that he would kill for starting pitching.

So in what crooked legal system is the jury still out on the starting pitcher-for-second baseman who played in 28 games trade?

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