Friday, December 8, 2006

A Good Week for Inaccuracy

It's been a week of crazy, unconfirmed rumors, and a whole lot of 'done deals' reported in the media turned out to be incomplete. Here's a sampling of the widely-reported rumors that turned out to be untrue (and this is just the stuff from the last 72 hours):

-Juergen Klinsmann's the new head coach of the UN Men's National Team!

-Juergen Klinsmann rescinds his name from consideration for USMNT coach. (Though this may have been MLS' fault.)

-Rich Rodriguez is going to Alabama!

-Rich Rodriguez rescinds his name from consideration for the Alabama job.

-Manny's Gone!

-Manny's not going anywhere.

-Bonds isn't going to get a contract offer from the Giants!

-Bonds is going to the Cardinals!

-Bonds has re-signed with the Giants.

-John Garland's staying! Going! Gone! Staying!

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