Friday, June 22, 2007

Football Hooliganism

Football, used to be a good, entertaining and fun. Football has been changed a lot over the last decade because of the Hooligans in the football game. Hooligans of the football game are known as firms, this is a group of friends who go through thick and thin for the sake of their favorite team. They go to mental lengths this making the club in debt by fines and being banned from competitions.

The police are in a concurrent war with the thugs of the British game, this making a lot of problems in and out of the football arena. The police just can't crack down on the thugs because of the amount of fans all from different clubs fighting for honor and for their team. Many gangs/firms are very well known and have a very large Reputation.

The football clubs attempt to pass on messages to the fans warning them about the consequences they are bringing amongst themselves and among the football club.

There is no real 'Dangerous Firms' in the UK which is superb as in comparison with other countries it is good here, take the Italians for example against Manchester United Football Club Plc. They tore down their own club fences and ripped out chairs to enable a good position to attack innocent fans! Even the police didn't help at all in fact they were the real 'hooligans' in that game! Which took the world by surprise but, the Italians have a very bad reputation against the main amount of the world.

This hooliganism amongst Britain must stop! They are running riots through towns ruining the surroundings and putting innocent people in immediate danger!

Thanks for reading this article on the Hooliganism in the British Empire of football!

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