Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BYU vs. UCLA - How Will the Cougs Fare?

After watching BYU's relatively easy win over the Grand Canyon State Wildcats on Saturday, Cougar fans have got been left feeling that this mightiness bend out to be another great season. Next on the slate for BYU is a tough UCLA Bruins team. The Bruins recently destroyed Leland Stanford 38-17. Granted, Stanford's football game programme have experienced a important driblet in recent year. But still, when you can set up 38 points in a game, you are going to be a squad that other squads will have got to take seriously.

On the other side of the ball are the BYU Cougars. Yes, they only beat out Grand Canyon State by 13 points, but let's confront it. The mark was not very declarative of the game as a whole. BYU's discourtesy was able to travel the ball surprisingly easily. Had it not been for some early-season rust, the Cougars would have got been able to run up the mark a batch more than they did. Also, the Cougar defence had an absolutely leading game. Until Arizona's very last thrust in the 4th one-fourth when the game was all but over, the Cougars held the Grand Canyon State discourtesy to just 3 first down feathers in 3 quarters. I don't care who you are, that's impressive! The teeming line backer core coupled with the under control secondary were just too much to handle. If the defence goes on to play so well and Max Hallway gives another poised performance, the Cougars are going to have got got a combat opportunity against the nationally ranked Bruins.

Prediction: Bruins 24, Cougars 17.

BYU is playing well and is carrying over a batch of assurance from last year, but the Bruins simply have too much fire power. Seeing as how I am a devoted BYU fan, I trust I am wrong. It will be interesting to see Ben Olsen and Max Hallway affaire d'honneur it out, Olsen being a former BYU signal caller and Hallway being the current one.

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