Monday, May 8, 2006

MVP Reporting

Breaking news used to be reserved for major international news, stock market chaos, and crises of intergalactic consequence. But ever since spell check started accepting ESPNEWS as a legitimate word, the sports world has started clamoring for its own news scoops.

Point in case: the release of the NBA's regular season awards. Two weeks back, the headline on most webpages was 'Report: Nash to Win Second Straight MVP.' Yesterday, it was 'Report: Wallace Wins 4th Defensive Title.' Today, it was 'Report: Paul to be Named NBA's Top Rookie.'

All I want to know is, since when did the NBA start leaking the names of their regular season award winners? All of the other professional sports leagues can keep their awards under wraps, but apparently the NBA has to leak their awards to the press. And when did regular season awards become such a big deal? They're not handing out a Heisman or the Stanley Cup here.

I don't want to see more of these leaked breaking news reports about regular season awards, ESPNEWS. Ditto for all you .com's. The awards are nice, but there's no reason for ESPN to break into the second reairing of last night's 'Baseball Tonight' to tell me who the NBA's six man of the year is.

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