Saturday, November 4, 2006

Big Win For Those Terps

Just a month ago, the Fridge was asking himself, Why does God hate me? Four weeks later, the Terps are getting all the breaks. I'll just give you one example: Clemson scored a TD with 4 minutes left in the game take a 15-10 lead, but the Tigers only had 10 players on the field. The illegal formation call pushed back Clemson five yards, and then they settled for a field goal. The crazy thing is, The penalty was the only one against Clemson during the entire day.

The craziest thing is that with the 13-12 win, the Terps have a legitimate shot to go to the ACC Championship game. This is a Terps team that barely beat Florida International five weeks ago, and now if they can somehow keep this streak going in their final three games -- vs. Miami, at B.C., vs. Wake Forest -- they could end up in a BCS bowl. Go figure.

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