Monday, November 13, 2006

There's Something About Manny

So Manny Acta’s going to be the new manager of the Nats, which is all nice and fine. But you know what would make me feel better? If the Nats had Vlad Guerrero playing right field.

I know that that’s a random thought, but stay with me. Acta has never coached in the U.S. at above a Class A level. But he has had three fairly large jobs (besides his work last year as 3rd base coach of the Mets). One was as a coach on Frank Robinson’s staff in Montreal, when Guerrero was playing right field the Expos. One was as the manager of Dominican League powerhouse Licey, when Guerrero was playing right field for the team. One was as the manager of the Dominican team in this year’s World Baseball Classic, when Guerrero was playing right field.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Guerrero’s played for Acta on three different teams. Maybe it’s not, since the Mets did go the NLCS with a lanky Jew in right field this year. Whatever the case, I’m not convinced that this is the right hire for the Nats. Acta’s got no experience as a major league manager, and he’s coming to a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 1981. This team needs a guy who’s been a proven winner, and I’m not impressed with a guy whose got a sub-.500 record as a minor league manager.

With all due respect to Acta, I cannot envision a situation in which he gets more out of this team than Frank did the last five seasons. All I’m seeing with Acta is a guy who couldn’t even win with a loaded Dominican team that had Vlad and David Ortiz hitting 3-4 and Johan Santana at the top of the rotation.

I’m assuming that this move also eliminates any chance that Alfonso Soriano will come back to the Nats. Acta benched Soriano in the WBC for Placido Polanco.

While, I'm at it, I'd like to break down a quote in today's Post from John Patterson about Acta:

'I don't think Manny speaks English,' Patterson said.


'I don't think Manny speaks Spanish.'


'I think he speaks baseball.'


Personally, I'd rather have a guy who speaks English. But maybe that's just me.

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