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Illegal "Trick" Football Plays in Youth Football

There are a figure of fast one football game game plays that are perfectly legal and ethical to run in young person football. There are others that are not legal, but we still see them from clip to clip at both the young person and High School levels.

One illegal football game drama that have reared its ugly caput again the last few twelvemonth is the old "Where"s the Tee" or "Wrong Ball" plays. These are dramas where the signal caller yels out to the defence that "we've got the incorrect ball, I necessitate a different ball" of "Where's the Tee, We necessitate a Tee", in the meantime the centre topographic points the football game in the signal callers custody and he slowly walks off the field feigning he is replacing the ball. All the other offense participants enactment like nil is going on, once the defence allows down its guard, the signal caller is off to the races. In the "Where's the Tee" version as the QB takes off to the outs of-bounds to supposedly acquire a tee, the ball is snapped and another participant takes off with the ball. In most lawsuits with both of these football game game plays, the out of-bounds is in on it and the "coach" is there with a ball and or yelling for the QB to switch over out the ball or "come acquire the tee".

Not only is it Shrub League it is an illegal football play.

Any action or verbiage used to lead on the defence into thought that the ball is not about to go unrecorded is an UNSPORTSMANLIKE behavior PENALTY, 15 yards.

This is the old "Where's the Tee" drama that was made illegal many many moons ago.

Nearly all Young Person Football Leagues usage Federation High School Rules with a few exclusions of "Special Rules" that they all brand very clear to their squads often in a mini regulation manual. This manual screens exclusions to the High School Rules only. Unsportsmanlike Behavior is not one of the exclusions and is covered in the Federation Rule Book under 9.5.1b. Again, Any action or verbiage used to lead on the defence into thought that the ball is not about to go unrecorded is illegal. Acting like you necessitate a new ball or have got the incorrect ball or are missing the kicking teeing ground are all illegal under this regulation if the ball is snapped during said baloney.

There are plenty of ways to vie in young person football game and for some, a fast one drama is something they like to set in. I'm not a large truster in fast one plays, we are going to cardinal you to decease and I don't like stealing pattern clip to perfect fast one plays. I make however like to set in one fast one drama later in the twelvemonth just to maintain the participants attending and maintain them interested in midseason. We rarely run it to derive advantage, but as a wages to the kids, often as an other point drama when we are up a touchdown or two.

We make pattern against the above illegal drama in our defensive walking throughs and tantrum and freeze. But fortunately we have got yet to see it in 15 old age of coaching.

Here is a position of the illegal play:Illegal Trick Football Plays

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