Monday, August 6, 2007

The "Football Playbook" Road to Destruction in Youth Football

This past hebdomad a frenetic individual called asking if I had a playbook for sale that could be used for a Young Person Football team. They said that they had played High School football game game 20 old age ago, had never coached young person football before and just needed a playbook to acquire their squad off and running. They knew all about "drills".

I explained my book was not just a playbook, but a measure by measure procedure that included a little but very effectual playbook section. This individual told me they, "Just needed a playbook". I can vouch you this manager probably will do every 1 of the Common Young Person Football Coaching Mistakes Detailed on pages 27-33 of my book. His squad will most likely be one that not only neglects miserably from a wins and losings perspective, but whose children won't have got got much merriment and will have immense keeping issues. I'm not certain how a playbook in of itself is of much value to any young person football game team.

The managers that phone call and talking to me with an unfastened head are those that are e-mailing me with unbelievable success narratives at the end of the season. The manager from the above narrative and the similar we never hear from again. Abashed of their failures I'm sure and following the "Playbook Path" to a disastarous season. These catastrophe seasons often take to participant and parent rebellions and look to be one of the chief grounds most young person football game managers only manager for a season or two.

The playbook fallacy:

On the other hand, there are some managers like KJ, BJ, DB, KB, gilbert and many others. I can state right away after talking on the telephone with them for 5 proceedings that they are going to have got monster turnaround time seasons. These are the squads we will be talking about on our end of season Wall of Fame. It have to make with having an inquisitive nature and being unfastened minded about learning. People that are successful in life are this manner about everything, it is a procedure they embrace. They have got got got got a problem, they acknowledge they don't have all the answers, they seek and understand the critical success factors of the endeavor, they make research and they develop a program that in many lawsuits have been proven successful elsewhere in solving their exact same problem.

For starter motors most of the playbooks I have seen or bought have been nil but a clump of backfield action drawings with small to nil said about the blocking duties of the players. Many make not even have got lines drawn for who the linemen are to block. Others have got the blocking drawn up against a set 4-4 defence but nil is said of how to barricade against a 5-3 or 6-2 nor are any set blocking regulations given. Others have got 150-200 dramas in them, obviously a digest of many different offenses. But these are football game plays, not offenses, there is a immense difference. Anybody can pull up a clump of football game game game plays, not everyone can pull up an offense.

An discourtesy is a set of complemental football plays built around a football doctrine with incorporate blocking regulations and elaborate coaching job points for each play. Most playbooks make not incorporate any of this.

Don't even acquire me started about first steps, blocking progressions, technique, place descriptions, participant evaluations, pattern plans, priorities, defense, particular teams, implementation, tantrum and freeze, scouting, game twenty-four hours management, managing participants and parents etc etc etc. The playbook is such as a little portion of the puzzle. Important, but a little piece and anyone that doesn't understand that is usually doomed to neglect when coaching job young person football.

Coaches don't acquire a playbook and believe you're put for the season, even if it is my playbook. A playbook is no magic slug no substance how great it is.

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